“We are at an exciting phase”

– According to your title, you are the project coordinator. What does that entail exactly?

– There are 16 months left until the European Maccabi Games in 2019. We have more and more tasks and guided communication between the divisions is becoming more and more important. My primary tasks are to synchronize interdivisional communication and to comprehensively coordinate the project so that we can move forward smoothly. Along with the general director, Péter Stern, we are trying to create a system, which lets each member of the organizing committee know where they can turn to if they want to find information, or someone who can solve a specific problem, or who can complete a given task. In addition to internal communication, another one of the  important tasks is to liaise with the contributing companies and organizations. We would not be able to organize such a grand sporting event without their help.

– At the end of January, Maccabi organizations received the EF#1. Questions related to that are also handled by you. What are the experts from other countries most curious about?

– One of the pleasant surprises was that the first EF#1 we received arrived from Estonia on the 1st of February, so it arrived just a day after we had sent it out. There are many questions related to the sports, since at this point, delegations have to indicate which events they would like to participate in.

– You are also responsible for organizing traffic and accommodation related tasks. How are the preparations progressing in this section?

We are in a good state as the mix of hotels is ready, but it was not easy since the athletes are not like the usual tourists that visit Budapest. We have to take special needs into account such as storing sporting equipment, having extra halls for meetings and having enough space for large luggage. In terms of traffic, we are at an exciting phase as we are planning specific routes to ensure that we can transport athletes quickly and easily.

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