Passed with flying colours

From the 21st of January, a delegation, which consisted of members of the European Maccabi Federation, visited Budapest for three days. Their goal was to measure our preparations for the 2019 European Maccabi Games and to assess how we progressed with organizing the cultural and educational programs. In addition to this, the organizers went over many logistical details.

Motti Tichauer, chairman of the European Maccabi Federation, Claudia de Benedetti, vice-chairman of the European Maccabi Federation, Stella Syrking, manager of the European Maccabi Federation and Carlos Tapeiro, director of the MaccabI World Federation’s cultural and educational department were all part of the delegation.

During the morning of the first day, the visitors went over the tasks pertaining to the competition’s organization in the New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium. In his presentation, competition director Balázs Deutsch talked about the pre-entry forms that had already been sent, summarized what we learned and collaborated with the members of the European Maccabi Federation regarding the forms that were about to be sent out on the 31st of January. It is important to note that the forms sent out on the 31st of January will be received by participating countries overseas, therefore, they can also begin the registration process.

The competition director also spoke about the schedule of the European Maccabi Football Trophy, which is going to take place between the 14th and 18th of June, in Balatonfüred with about 150-200 participating athletes. The event is significant as it will be the last test competition before the 2019 European Maccabi Games. During this cup, teams will compete in football and futsal as well.

At noon, the organizers presented the investments related to the Sportspark at Kerepesi street, which will be one of the headquarters of the games. The visitors also took a look at the current progress of the construction.

In the afternoon, the cultural and educational programs were presented. Dr. Gábor Balázs described the concept, then András Lőwy presented the merchandising and sponsorship aspect of the games.

A day later, Iván Rózsa, director of communications, presented the communication strategy of the competition and the official mascot was also introduced.

Afterwards, all participants were invited to lunch at the Sándor Scheiber Elementary and High School – one of the largest Jewish schools in Budapest – where Bernadett Kovács, director of the school hosted the delegation. She stated that students of the educational institution – almost 500 hundred people – will participate in the games as volunteers.

With the assistance of Anita Komoróczy, a guided, Jewish tour of the capital followed, where the visitors took a glimpse of the scheduled educational and cultural programs that are going to be featured at the games.

During the last day, the members of the delegation visited the venues where the junior athletes will be accommodated. The visitors were very pleased with the Danubius Hotel Arena and the Hotel Hungaria City as well. Members of the delegation were especially pleased with the location of the hotels as they are close to all significant venues.

Then, András Heisler, director of the Federation of the Hungarian Jewish Communities and Péter Kunos, manager of the organization, welcomed the visitors at the headquarters at Síp street. According to the outlines of the agreement, the federation will partly integrate the Summer Jewish Festival’s program into the games’ schedule.

Lastly, the Art Market was introduced. Representatives of the company stated that they are available to the games as an accompanying event.

At the end of the visit, Motti Tichauer, chairman of the European Maccabi Federation was pleased. He believes that the organizing works are progressing very well and every condition is set for the 2019 European Maccabi Games to be a great event for the athletes and supporters alike.

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