Marvelous matches: Fencing competitions in a synagogue!

Marvelous matches: Fencing competitions in a synagogue!

After the Second World War the communities of several synagogues disappeared. The empty synagogues were either destroyed or given new life with a different functions. The most special of these synagogues now functions as a sports hall.

Fencing in synagogue

The synagogue on Dózsa György street used to be a transit camp between 1944-1945. After the war the synagogue was renovated, but its community continued to shrink due to emigration. Eventually, the central hall became too big for the community; instead they started to pray in the building’s small cultural hall. This led to the main hall being used as a warehouse by state enterprises for several years. By 1977 the whole building had fallen into disrepair. In 1984 the Honvéd Sport Club saved the building from destruction by buying it and converting it into a fencing hall. Until today the building continues to be a fencing hall.

The synagogue still has a small community who regularly prays in the same cultural hall where they used to pray after the Second World War.

Now imagine a fencing competition during next the European Maccabi Games in this synagogue. It is a unique opportunity for Jewish athletes to win medals in a synagogue that has left behind so many life stories.


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