Eat out on a Jewish cuisine tour


Jewish cuisine tour

There are several amazing Jewish restaurants in Budapest. Now we present to you the non-kosher Jewish restaurants that are worthwhile to try.


Rosenstein restaurant




Rosenstein restaurant is a family business famous for its honest and lovely hospitality. Here you can try traditional Jewish and Hungarian meals.

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Macesz Bistro




Macesz Bistro is an Eastern European bistro in the Old Jewish district of Budapest. They offer hidden and well known treasures of Hungarian and Jewish cuisines, with traditional and re-imagined courses for their guests.

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Yiddishe Mamma Mia




This restaurant combines the Jewish and Italian specialties of Gozsdu Alley which is the centre of the downtown bars and weekend markets in the heart of the Jewish quarter.

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Mazel tov


mazel tov

This is one of the trendiest food bars in the city. You can taste typical Israeli meals here like humus, Jerusalem mix or falafel pita. The bar has a special inner garden where you can listen to live music.

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Kazimir Café



In front of the Kazinczy street Orthodox Synagogue you can find a sweet garden which belongs to the small Jewish restaurant, Kazimir. Here you can find Hungarian dishes at a good price.

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Kőleves – Stonesoup restaurant and garden



Kőleves is located in the building that used to be the kosher meat plant. Nowadays the restaurant does not keep the rules of kashrut, but it also does not sell any pork. You can taste mostly fish, chicken, vegetable meals, pastas and desserts here.

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Fülemüle is said to be one of the few places in the city where you can enjoy traditional Central European and Jewish flavours cooked from tested recipes, just like your grandma’s cooking. The restaurant specializes in goose dishes and cholent variations.

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