Hungarian delegation in Israel

The delegation, led by István Hiller, vice-president of the parliament, is on a three-day visit in Israel. János Fónagy, president of the parliament’s Hungarian-Israeli relationships, is also part of the delegation.

The group met Kohen Meir, vice president of the Yesh Atid party, and Jakov Marg, president of the cultural, educational and sport committee, at the Knesset.

István Hiller told the MTI that they talked about the European Maccabi Games that are scheduled to take place in Hungary in 2019. The participants also talked about the possible cultural events that can be hosted along with the games.

The delegation will then visit the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, where they will meet several teachers, who arrived from Hungary and are currently participating in lectures about the Holocaust.

The visit is a step forward in building the relationships between Israel and Hungary.

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