Global day of Jewish learning

The global day of Jewish learning is now offering more programs than ever in the topic of beauty and ugliness with the organizing help of Bálint Ház and Limmud Magyarország.

In the topic of beauty and ugliness, philosopher Anna réz will help us dive into our connection to our own body. Theoretical historian Gábor Balázs will help us understand what beauty means and will also talk about the transparency of taboo. Rabbi István Darvas and historian Szonja Komoróczy will educate the public about the correlation between beauty and the Talmud. Meskó Norbert, evolutionary psychologist and Péter Kabai, ethologist will participate in a roundtable discussion regarding sexual attraction and mate choice, the conversation will be led by Julia Váradi. Historian Michael Miller, lecturer of the Central European University will talk about Jewish beauty ideals, then David Levin-Kruss, director of education at JDW, rabbi will perform the heading ‘Beauty and the beast’.

Tamás Büchler will speak along with Györgyi Kata Borszéki, legendary Jewish expert in matchmaking. Ildikó Szarvas, visual culture teacher and the kids from Lauder will entertain the visitors of the event with an artistic happening.

Between the performances snacks will be offered to make sure that not only our brains, but our stomach will be nourished as well.

More information about the event:

Date: 2017. 12th of November., sunday, 15:00 -20:00

Venue: Erzsébetvárosi Zsidó Történeti Tár 1077 Budapest, Csányi street 5.

Detailed schedule is available at

Tickets will be available on sight.

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