Frances takes gold

The EMFT 2018 football tournament was hosted in Balatonfüred and Tihany during the weekend. 2017’s silver medallist, Great Britain arrived with a highly overhauled squad, but they still managed to beat both of MTK’s teams, who represented the Hungarian Maccabi community. The French team arrived with an extremely strong group, and they managed to beat both local squads also, so Sunday’s game between France and Great Britain proved to be the final of the tournament.

As expected, the tightly contested affair provided some great football, which France won 2-0 in the end. MTK’s Amateur team was in the lead for much of the bronze match, but the veterans managed to turn the score around, thus earning third place.

2018. June 15., Friday

France–MTK Amateur 4-0

MTK Veteran–Great Britain 0-5

France–MTK Veteran 12-2

Great Britain–MTK Amateur 4-0

2018. June 17., Sunday

France–Nagy Britannia 2-0

MTK Veteran–MTK Amateur 5-2


1. France

2. Great Britain

3. MTK Veteran

4. MTK Amateur

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