Exhibition featuring David Bowie’s photographer

The works of the artists exhibited at the Art Market attracted collectors from all over the word. The creations of over 50 Israeli artists as well as works from German, Japanese, Austrian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Irish and Polish galleries were all featured among with the galleries of several Hungarian art universities.

The Art Market, which has been operating since 2011, has created the Art Photo in 2014 which is the only market for photographic arts in the region. This year, the works of 80 year old Péter Korniss were exhibited along with Tony McGee, whose works represent a completely different world and who was the official photographer of David Bowie for 16 years.

The exhibition also featured the EMG2019. This time, the European Maccabi Games were presented in front of a fencing background as opposed to the water polo backdrop that had been used previously. Visitors were able to get to know the organizers of the prestigious competition, which is due to be held in two years.

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