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Maccabi World Union


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Maccabi World Union is the largest and longest running Jewish sports organization spanning over five continents, more than 60 countries, 450 clubs, and 400,000 members. MWU is a Zionist organization that utilizes sports as a means to bring Jewish people of all ages closer to Judaism and Israel in addition to various informal educational activities in a manner that surpasses politics and sectarianism. Many Maccabi clubs serve as community centers and youth movements providing a diversity of educational, cultural, social and sports activities under one roof. In addition, Maccabi has its unique international signature activity in Jewish sports, the Maccabiah Games in Israel which take place every four years.


Maccabi World Union is comprised of six confederations:

  • Maccabi Australia (APA)
  • European Maccabi Confederation – EMC
  • Maccabi Israel
  • Maccabi Latin America – CLAM
  • Maccabi North America
  • Maccabi South Africa (SA)


Throughout the course of the year, confederations will conduct regional and inter-regional games, providing opportunities for bonding, sharing and meeting other Jewish communities throughout the world. The highlight program still remains the Maccabiah games, which brings Jews from all four corners of the world together in Israel every four years.


Maccabi World Union´s administrative offices are located at Kfar Maccabiah in Ramat Gan, Israel. Nearly 70-80 percent of Maccabi is volunteer run. Ninety-two Executive members elected by the confederations run the global organization. The Maccabi worldwide family encompasses thousands of volunteers and friends, making it one of the largest global Jewish organizations with the message of unity and continuity.


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