EMC – European Maccabi Confederation

EMC – Europian Maccabi Confederation


The organization

As a multinational organization the EMC is the parent body of Maccabi Territorial Organizations (T.O.’s ) in the Continent of Europe. It represents numerous clubs and thousands of members across 36 countries.


The EMC is dedicated to supporting the long term future of European Jewry by engaging and developing communities in a broad range of sporting, educational and cultural activities, whilst actively promoting Jewish identity, continuity and the centrality of the State of Israel.


The European Maccabi Confederation (EMC) promotes a wide range of programs encompassing tournaments and competitions, leadership training and development, Israel tours and programs together with social and cultural events throughout Europe.


Through the EMC’s education department and the Future Leaders Forum the EMC is committed to developing a new generation of Maccabi leaders.


Building upon the traditions of the Maccabi Movement the EMC is constantly seeking new and innovative ways of communicating effectively with its membership. The EMC’s banner headline “Promoting Jewish Activity in Europe” expresses its aim to enrich and enhance the quality of Jewish lives by healthy pursuits.


Israel is at the very heart of the EMC’s core values and, through youth groups, gap year programs, sports tours, seminars and international Maccabi meetings, offers members an opportunity to join with other Maccabi members from Israel and around the world.


The work of the EMC is intended to benefit its Territorial Organizations (T.O.’s) to strengthen their position within their communities and to ensure their future leadership, whilst promoting Jewish Activity in Europe.


The organization of the European Maccabi Games is also carried out in very close cooperation with the European Maccabi Confederation and the national Maccabi Confederation.


The new board with its two main leader, Motti Tichauer, chairman and Stella Syrkin, director, has been successfully managing the organization since 2015. With their decisions and support EMC has achieved many excellent results at the Territorial Organizations.


The Chairman of the European Maccabi Confederation


Motti Tichauer is the Chairman of the European Maccabi Confederation and has been since 2010. His commitment to volunteer in the Maccabi movement goes back many years. He first visited the MWU’s sport center in Ramat Gan when he was six years old. Since then, not only as a sportman, but also as a volunteer and as a leader he has played an important role in Maccabi life.

He actively plays a role in the sports leadership of his hometown Makkabi Frankfurt club, Makkabi Germany, EMC, MWU and the IMC. He was the Makkabi Frankfurt Sports Director for ten years, the Makkabi Germany Sports Director for eight years, and the EMC Sports Director for eight years.

He has always motivated the German delegations to take part in the European Maccabi Games and Maccabiah with an increasing number of sportsmen every time. No doubt, Motti Tichauer has been a vital part in planning all European Maccabi Games since 2003, and an initiator of umpteen sports tournaments in EMC; two of which are now traditions: the European Football Trophy and the European Open & Masters Tennis Tournaments in Bratislava. In fact, he is a Makkabi Frankfurt Masters Tennis Champion year after year.

The motivations behind his dedication at Maccabi are complex. Sports are only one part of his motivation. He was a missionary Makkabi Germany Vice-President, pushing the T.O. to open clubs all over the country, specifically aimed to integrate immigrants from the former USSR into Jewish life. He is staunchly Zionist, hugely proud that three Tichauer generations have served in the IDF (his father, himself and his son), and whenever Plenum Delegates board buses departing Kfar Maccabiah, Motti is invariably the guy who sits right up front to follow every word the tour guide says.

All of the above should clearly explain why Motti Tichauer ends every speech he makes with the rousing words Maccabi – Chai! Am Yisrael Chai!

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