Budapest will be the European capital of Sport in 2019

All of the federations that are set to host a sporting event this year, took part in a conference in Budapest about the city earning the European capital of sport status. Péter Stern, general director of the EMG 2019 lt., Ádám Jusztin, co-chairman of the organizing committee, Fanni Szőke, project coordinator and Iván Rózsa director of communications represented the 2019 European Maccabi Games.

Vice-mayor Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky opened the conference and said that the capital had already decided to bid for the title in 2015.

The aim of this application is to strengthen the joy of movement, the community experience, fair play and to promote a healthy lifestyle, which we think is a task of ours.

Tünde Szabó, secretary of sports thinks that being the sport capital of Europe is a fantastic honour for Budapest and the Hungarian sport scene.

We can be proud of this title, of our athletes, our experts and Budapest as this obviously means that we are worthy hosts of grand sporting events and we have a vital role in leisure and youth sports internationally – said the secretary during the conference called „Budapest is Europe’s capital of sport 2019”.

Based on the review of dr. Balázs Fürjes, government official responsible for investments, Budapest is gradually getting a more significant role in the international sport scene. He cited the findings of one of the world’s biggest data provider and that our capital frequently outdoes its population and financial power – Budapest finished seventh among the world’s capitals in terms of its significance to sports, but Fürjes thinks it can get into the top five. The city’s is easily reachable, our people love sports and Budapest is one of the safest big cities in the world.

The European Capital of Sport title can be won since 2001 by one of the continent’s cities, which has a population bigger than 500 thousand people. The city has to host at least 365 sporting events during the given year, which includes, local, regional, national and international events. In 2018, Sofia is the Sport Capital of Europe.

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