Breaking news: Jewish Sport and Cultural Centre is being built

Breaking news: Jewish Sport and Cultural Centre is being built


The Jewish Sport and Cultural Centre will be the venue of the following sports during the EMG:

  • 3-3 Basketball 
  • Basketball
  • Bridge
  • Chess
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Squash
  • Volleyball 


The project is supported by the Hungarian government. The construction of the Jewish Sport and Cultural Centre is significant because although Maccabi VAC Hungary was founded in 1906 and reopened in 1989, it has never before had a sport and cultural centre which its community could benefit from. The complex will be home to different sports fields, community areas, outdoor events and a synagogue. We are also planning to build a hall of fame in memory of famous Hungarian Jewish athletes who are no longer with us.


The sport club will occasionally provide meals for athletes and guests so its kitchen will be built according to the rules of kashrut.


We truly believe that this complex will be able to function as a sport academy, education center, dormitory and a retirement home by adding new developments in the future.


We are sure that this sports hall will strengthen the relationship with our community and all the Jewish people living in the country. We also hope that the sports complex will play an important role in the improvement of our non-Jewish connections. Undoubtedly, this new centre will have a socially strong effect on the Hungarian society.


The new Jewish Sport and Cultural Centre will be one of the main venues of the European Maccabi Games in 2019.

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